The Design Process


The first step in any professional design project is the design brief, which simply provides our design team an understanding of your business, your customers and ultimately defines your requirements. We have a set of simple questions to do this and the more in depth information you provide the greater the logo.



You can not engineer a powerful logo without advancing into your marketplace and addressing your competitors to uncover where they are at currently. We will identify things which they may be doing well and not so well. We will then do deeper research into your industry as a whole.


This is where all the creativity really starts. Every great logo has to start with a sketch.For a couple of hours we will spend purely sketching out our thoughts. Nothing here is done in a formal fashion, its just a lots of little snippet sketches of how we can get your brand recognised effectively.


We will then expose our ideas onto the digital screen, and formulaise the research and the intial sketches together. It is very important that not only the logo looks good and emits your brand values but it has to connect with your audience seemlessly. Once we have these functions working in synergy, we select the best ones and finalise our initial design concepts.


We will provide you concepts and your thoughts on each. Things you like, things you don’t like and we will refine accordingly. We will then narrow down the logo which is the winner and at this point further refineadding all the bells and whistle

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